My name is mate, Yerba mate

I am argentinean and like most people in my home country my caffeinated drink of choice is mate ( pronounce mateh). Mate is a great company of biscochitos, both are posing in the pictures below. :)


Homemade Corn Dogs

Yes! I am being bad, this is junk, but I am keeping my husband happy: happy hubby, happy life. :D

Today we had soup, salad and corn dogs! Corn dogs are the kind of food I like to eat when it is made at home becauseI know they were fried with fresh vegetable oil instead of melted trans fair fat. I found this fair food recipe here: http://deep-fried.food.com/recipe/corn-dogs-567

Some of the changes to the recipe done by me were: adding two tsp of sugar, one tsp of paprika and one tsp of pepper to the batter. I also used 1/4 cup more cornmeal and reduced the amount of flour by 1/4 cup. I dried the hot dogs with a napkin and covered them lightly with flour so the batter would stick. I also cut the hot dog in half before dipping them and yum! 

San Francisco Chill

We visit some cool places in San Fran. If you are kind of tired of the hectic pier 39 -which has been a must visit for us for long time- I would recommend the peaceful Treasure Island,  Vista Point and  Fort Mason. If you don't mind the noise of rushing cars, you can walk the 1.7 miles along the Golden Gate Bridge, I didn't. I really like the tranquil Treasure Island, you can see three different bridges, one of them is the Golden Gate Bridge, the second one is the brand new white rope bridge and the last one is the bridge you see in the pic down below. 
So I am saying goodbye to my winter break with a visit to San Francisco. The weather was beautiful.
Now I will submerge in my bio, chem, math and ethics books. I am planning to hit the books and hit the gym this semester. So help me God! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful week! ;)
Above picture taken at Vista Point, truly a Bella vista. If you are planning to go there don't miss the exit, which is the first exit right after you cross the Golden Gate Bridge from the south end.

My husband, my sister and I, picture taken by some friendly Mormon missionaries. 
Stopping at Blue Nami.
for some sushi. 

Above pic: leaving San Francisco and finding ourselves in traffic as usual. :)

My sisters cute outfit, I guess I describe it: top Jessica Simpson, hot pink pants almost famous ( some underdog brand from macys), necklace came from china(eBay).


Gigant Flower showed up

I planted tiny seeds from a gardener from Tenesee, it took around two years!! And the Hibiscus is blooming!! I am thrilled!!
Also I got two baby cedars trees at the State Fair ! Go to the forest exposition, they have the most amazing whole wood cuts! I loved today, I got great additions for my gard!


Going back to my garden

That time of the year has come, the time to harvest my garlic and replant the little onions. If you are planning to start a garden I would recommend to try garlic and onions, apparently they have few pests and actually they scare away other plant's pests. I plant the garlic cloves at the end of august and leave them alone until june, when I come to collect them.