Seedlings breaking the rules:: Plantines rompiendo las barreras

I am not very organized, I thank God my husband is all the opposite, He has a strict methodology, he is an organizer by nature, hence I am learning from him. But for now my lack of organization is manifested through the way I plant my garden, some of my seedlings are a mess ( the ones that have magazine paper pots), seriously out of control...but some of them are good ( the ones with plastic pots), I am not  proud of showing the bad ones, but honestly It's kind of  fun looking at them breaking the paper pots. :)
I have these vegetables and herbs growing so far: tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, Brussels sprout, broccoli, cucumbers, beets, radish, lettuce, arugula and spinach. I hope my seedlings don't die, I have been repotting the broccoli -I put to many seeds together-, and cucumbers -which are already outside-, and tomatoes. I already planted carrots for the second time and nothing is coming up yet, I will wait one more week and sow some seeds again, hopefully I have more luck next time.

~Lamentablemente ser organizada no es uno de mis fuertes, gracias a Dios mi marido es todo lo contrario a mí, él tiene una estricta metodología, es un organizador por naturaleza, y por lo tanto estoy aprendiendo de él. Pero por ahora mi falta de organización  se ve reflejadas en mis plantines, que están creciendo fuera de control (a los que planté en macetas de papel), otros están creciendo bien en contenedores de plástico o de arcilla.
Por ahora lo que está creciendo es: tomates, pepinos, morrones, cebollas, ajos, perejil, coles de Bruselas, brócoli, remolacha, rabanito, lechuga, rúcula y espinaca. Espero que mis plantines no mueran, estuve trasplantando algunos, el brócoli, pepino y alguno tomates. Ya plante zanahorias por segunda vez y todavía no creció nada, la semana que viene voy a sembrar otra vez, tal vez tenga más.~
~broccoli breaking the weak container I made~
~trapped cucumber, I set them free, they are outdoors now~

~Brussels Sprouts before and after, pictures taken withing a week, these are in a secure container~

~I use cut plastic bottles to cover  the cucumbers seedlings during the cold nights~
~cucumber seedlings already outside,we will see if they survive~

~lettuce growing strong, direct sowing for these ones, no pots~

~Broccoli growing outside, I know too many plants together, I will thin them soon~

~for the night I use a cup to cover the Broccoli, we still have risk of frost~

~If you look closely, you will see the Arugula, direct sowing too, it is actually bigger but my camera did not capted that~

~the parsley having its first true leaf (I am not sure about  herbs and true leaves).
This picture was taken before thinning, I left only tree little seedlings ~


Lily K. said...

You seem so organized though with all your planting and all that. I "think" I'm organized but sometimes I am far from it. lol

Andrea said...

I m learning organization techniques from my hubby :), but i am a 'natural' for desorganization in somethings