my shirt used to be a lond dressHola! My name is Andrea, I am an argentinean girl married to the most extraordinary man. I am currently pursuing a degree in Biology in California and planning to get into Med school by anytime soon. In the mean time, I volunteer at hospitals, help other students with chemistry and biology at school, and participate in research.
I like to sew and do all things handmade. I strive to share the love of JesusChrist, my personal savior with everyone everyday.
I also have my own organic vegetable garden. I get the most delicious vegetables from it and share them with my family and neighbors. I believe that having a healthy lifestyle in the second most important thing in the world. Eating healthy, exercising body and soul, and taking care of creation are a must in my life.
When I started to sew and to grow my own garden I found the most useful tips in gardening blogs, that is the reason I decided to have my own. 
Here you will find autochthonous argentinean food recipes and some of my favorite all time classic food recipes as well. I share bits of how my garden progresses and how I progress in life as well.
I hope you find this motivating,

Have a wonderful day! 

Do all things in love. I Corithians 16:14
 Thanks for tunning in my blog :)

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