Semi Homemade Dulce de Leche:: Dulce de Leche semicasero

I have been living for over a year in United States, and even though I found some Dulce de Leche at the stores, it is not the same than the fresh Argentinean Dulce de Leche. I found some at the grocery store  from Latin-America called 'cajeta ' or something like that, but It tasted like sugar only, I was lucky enough to find an Asian store where they sell good yerba (Argentinean traditional drink, you can learn about it here), but the Argentinean Dulce de Leche they sold was expired and of course I didn't buy it.
For my surprise, not only Argentineans delight themselves with this flavorful  sweet indulgence, Russian and Ukrainians also , I got t his recipe from my mother in law.
Recipe, how to make Dulce de leche:
Can of CONDENSED milk, boiled in a pot , with the level of water almost covering the can, for about 4 or 5 hours and then you will have the best thick Dulce de Leche ideal for Alfajores de Maicena, If you only want it to spread on bread which means no thick texture for pastries, just boil them for  2 or 2.5 hours. Place the can in a pot with water bring it to a boil at high heat and then reduce to medium or low. Check constantly and add water as it evaporates.
I have been doing this for a year, and I never has explosions or accidents. I partially cover the pot with the lid. Altough if you acared of this metod, I have a friend who makes Dulce de Leche using a different method.

Alternative way to make Dulce de Leche:
Empty sweetened condensed milk into an 8" glass pie plate and set it into a bigger pan with 1/2 " water in the bottom pan. Bake 1 hour at 325 * to carmelize.

Va a ser un año que estoy viviendo en Estados Unidos, y todavía no encuentro un lugar donde comprar Dulce de Leche fresco de Argentina. Venden  "cajeta" en cualquier negocio, y supuestamente es el Dulce de Leche de los latinos pero a mí me sabe a azúcar. También encontré un negocio de los "chinos" donde venden dulce de leche vencido, pero la yerba (bebida Argentina, puedes leer sobre ella aquí )no está mal y tienen más variedad que los "rusos".
Como hago Dulce de Leche:
Compre leche condensada en lata (entre 1 U$s y 2 u$S, depende donde lo compres y si encontras ofertas), las hiervo por 2 o 2.5 horas para un dulce de leche livianito, y si  lo necesito de una textura mas dura como el repostero lo cocino por 4 o 5 horas. EL resultado: exquisito 'semi casero' Dulce de Leche.

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