Happy 4th of July Weekend

These are  two of the sites that I like to visit quite often. The first one is the network from this amazing magazine that my mom used to buy when I was a little girl (BURDA, DUH), I remember when I messed up all the patterns from the magazines and another quite pleasant memories as well. I love this SITE, you can get free patterns and see other Burdastyle members projects, get inspirations, sewing techniques and more.

here is the link of one of my projects
This is another site I like to browse too, you can search for any item of clothing, of any color, and from any brand. I told a couple of friends about it they became addicted to it, so watch out, with moderation. :) And you can put sets together like the ones below...
Floral beautyStars and Stripes

Happy 4th of July Weekend,



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Liz Sewmode said...

I also love to sew and use mostly Burda patterns.
I like your blog and I am new follower. Hope you`re gonna visit my blog and follow <3