Homemade Corn Dogs

Yes! I am being bad, this is junk, but I am keeping my husband happy: happy hubby, happy life. :D

Today we had soup, salad and corn dogs! Corn dogs are the kind of food I like to eat when it is made at home becauseI know they were fried with fresh vegetable oil instead of melted trans fair fat. I found this fair food recipe here: http://deep-fried.food.com/recipe/corn-dogs-567

Some of the changes to the recipe done by me were: adding two tsp of sugar, one tsp of paprika and one tsp of pepper to the batter. I also used 1/4 cup more cornmeal and reduced the amount of flour by 1/4 cup. I dried the hot dogs with a napkin and covered them lightly with flour so the batter would stick. I also cut the hot dog in half before dipping them and yum! 

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