Hello, This is my first post, I started bloggin' for fun, for my mom and sisters and friends from afar.
 Most of my family and friends are far and this blog is dedicated to them <3
I moved to California recently. I traveled and lived in different cities. But now I am settled down and married to (the l<3ve of my life) my dear hubby.
The name of the blog is what many have asked me: how is it in Cali? It is lovely and you can take a look at the blog for extra details :)

Thanks For Reading :)

From the pic above... 
I was sitting on the sofa, enjoying the beauty of the weather in Cali. I am a newbie in this place and the weather is something I cannot get used to. It surprises me that every morning I have the pleasure of gazing through my window and find the warmth of the sun and dozens of birds having a blast.
 My hubby took this picture of me.


Lyuba said...

Descansate mi amiguita,aprovecha el tiempo....yo hago lo mismo:)

Lana said...

your not lazing around, your just looking preety :)

Andrea said...

thanks Girls, gracias! :)