Gardening Madness

Gardening is one of my interests, and it seems like it will always be.  There is something about the homegrown vegetables...it is the flavor, the texture or the aroma, I don't know but I need my own homegrown veguies.
I love to plant seeds watch them grow, give fruit, pick it with my own hands and the best of all taste it.
This year I was blessed with lots of room to plant in my spacious backyard and with a hubby willing to help, he already prepared the raised beds.

~These are some seeds I bought this week at the Nursery~

~I decided to give a try to Organic Vegetables, will see how it works ~

~something is growing~
I also enter a seed swap forum or something like this and I already have a friend gardener. I sent her this.

The seed swap  seems to work for lots of people, in that way you trade seeds and get to have different kinds of veguies that you weren't able find anywhere in you area. The site I found this forum in here.

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Lana said...

its so healthy to grow your own vegetables :) i can't wait to have my own garden even if it will be just herbs. I want to experiment