Mediterranean Garden & trees

We live in a hardiness zone 9- you can can verify your zone here-, the climate is mediterranean-like which means summers are hot and dry(sunshine everyday), winters are cool and wet. We do have some winter frost and occasional freezes, but in this zone you can plant something all year long, including in winter. Not knowing that fact, I timidly planted during winter, expecting nothing but hoping to see at least some green leaves over the ground.
In this zone we have 240 days to garden and two main sowing seasons, spring and late summer or fall. If you are not gardening in Sacramento and have the room for it(even a window box is good for growing herbs!) I would say what are you waiting for?

~Some parsley, I planted in a pot~

~Little garlics beside onions. still working on my garden to make it look good~

 I got some good results, and encouragement for next fall sowing. I found inspiration and some of the things you can plant for a winter garden here.

This was on my wishlist for the longest time, wherever I go for a walk or drive around I always spot those beautiful bold citrus trees full of fruits hanging from their branches like this one
We decided to make the wish come true and got ourselves two little dwarf baby citrus trees at the home depot, we bought them from this growers.
I love citrus, lemon is one fruit that plays an important roll in all my baking and cooking (you can see it here  & here) Who doesn't love mandarins?

cute little tree already bearing fruit
This winter we added to our backyard over eight kinds of fruits -bushes and fruits trees together-.
Certainly one of the things that gardening teaches you is patience, you have to work hard, wait, and sometimes a little bug ruins all the hard work you did for a whole season. 
 I am  keeping my search for organically fertilize and fight pests. For now taking care of my garden became one of my main duties and learning how to do it too. What helps me is to keep a little notebook with notes of every kind of tree, bush and vegetable I planted  or will plant and write down tips I find online or heard from family and friends. 'Carrots love tomatoes' is one of them, and the need to keep them close in my garden. :) 


Lana said...

wow you sure got a lot of work to do :)

Anonymous said...

ya, wanna help me , it's a good work out!

Lana said...

when i come over i would love to help :) some like big job lol like pulling out roots from a tree or something. Oh yeah it is a good workout. Thats why your so skinny still and make all that yummy food :)

Andrea said...

i am not that skinny amymore !