Easy easy homemade sushi

I am not a chef neither I consider myself a good cook but I like to prepare new things in the kitchen. I had a shot at Chinese food, Thai food and I thought it would be a good idea to keep it Asian. Hence decided to make homemade sushi, Japanese food.
This is a super basic sushi- fast and easy- roll that even sushi haters will love. I am not a sushi lover or hater but I started liking it when I first try to make it myself. There are other sushi rolls I learn to make; I will share them later on. For now this recipe is the easiest of all, so easy to make than even kid can make it –of course with parental supervision-.
I followed the packages directions, and my hubby told me to try canned fish for an easy sushi roll and I agreed because we don’t like much the raw fish.
Some things you may find useful in sushi making:
Bamboo matt
Plastic wrap
It makes about 6 rolls
3 tbsp Mayo
1 cup Sushi rice
Weed (the legal kind, seaweed, sold at Wal-Mart or any grocery store)
2 Cans of whole tuna or salmon in water
Sesame seeds
Avocado (optional)
Salt sugar
Vinegar rice

1. Cook  rice as indicated in the bag.
2. When the rice is ready put it in a container that is not metallic, you can use glass or wood. Add ½ tsp of rice vinegar, then 1 tsp sugar and salt to your seasoning liking. Let the rice cool off.
3.Place the salmon in a bowl, crumble it with a fork and mix it with two tbsp of mayonnaise. This is to make the fish stick together.
4.Cut the cucumber and avocado in thin stripes.
5.Take a seaweed sheet place it on top of the bamboo matt, put a ½ hand of rice on it, spread it until it covers the weed (do not put a lot just or your roll will not close), sprinkle some sesame seeds and flip it .
6.On the other side place the fish mixture along the middle part of the seaweed lengthwise. And add a stripe of the vegetables too.
7.Roll it using the bamboo matt, and press it.
8.Cut the sushi roll with a very sharp knife lengthwise, about one inch a piece.
9.Serve with SOY sauce or the secret orange spicy mayo sauce. I tried to make that sauce like ten times and this recipe tastes pretty close to it.
Tip in how to cook the rice for sushi:
This rice cooks fast, and doesn’t need much water; the level of water should be ½ inch over the level of rice in the pot. Bring the water to a boil and quickly turn the heat to the lowest possible, let it cook for 15min-stirring is not necessary-. After the 15 min just turn the heat off and let the rice set on top of the cook top for another 10  min. After that your sticky rice is ready. It always turns out amazing. I also use a wooden spoon when seasoning the rice try not to press on it or will smash them and the rice will turn into a dough. Happy cooking!
Tip on how to use the bamboo mat to make sushi:
Wrap the bamboo mat completely with the plastic wrap to keep it clean, since you will be rolling the sushi with it and the rice is sticky, it can become a nightmare to make sushi rolls with a dirty mat.
Tip on how not to get your hands full of sticky rice:
I used to make sushi with my bare hands but the rice would stick to them and the sushi rolls turned out messy. Even if you use gloves the rice would impregnate to them, so just take a tsp. of Mayonnaise rubber it over your gloves and you have anti adherent hands. I tried butter too.

~rolls size will depend on the size of the seaweed sheet-



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