Spicy Mayo

I mostly cook to my husband’s liking for that reason I will mention him in every single recipe I post.
I like to eat sushi with soy sauce and wasabi, but my hubby won’t it sushi without the secret spicy orange mayo. So when I made homemade sushi somehow needed to produce that spicy mayo…
There are many recipes on the internet, but none of them tastes like the spicy mayo they serve at the sushi restaurant. Online you will find recipes which tell you to mix mayonnaise with Chinese peppers, and others that tell you mix ketchup and mayo add pepper, blah, blah -but that is more similar to the INN out spread than spicy mayo, plus pickles-.

So this is the narration of the discovery, my breakthrough… (just kidding)
After tasting the secret spicy mayo I realize that it feels much like if it contains egg yolk, and I thought, well mayo is made with eggs, but this is something different.  Si I basically did homemade mayo half way and added some Asian ingredients, I think it’s a success, my hubby liked it. But still there is something missing in my recipe that the spicy mayo has. Let me know if you have the whole secret recipe ingredients.
So this is the recipe…
1 egg yolk
¼ cup of oil (vegetable or olive)
½ tsp of rice vinegar
½ tsp of Asian spicy chili sauce (I experimented with two: Sriracha and Asian chili sause from knorr)
1 tsp of sugar
1.        Beat yolk, add constantly oil little by little as you continue beating the yolk until it becomes thick liquid.
2.       Add the rice vinegar and pepper sauce, sugar and salt.
3.       Serve with your favorite sushi.(yes it is raw just like mayonnaise)

~try to buy eggs salmonella free~


dana said...

to make the sauce, i use Japanese mayo, Hot and spicy sauce and the little orange fish eggs that you find on top of sushi a lot. i think its called tobiko...

dana said...

oh the spicy sauce is the same one you were using in your recipe

Justine/Sewcountrychick said...

This sounds so good. Like spicy Asian Hollandaise sauce.