Organizing my garden:: Organizando mi jardín

Even though I wasn't born an organizer I decided to take charge and started to be more organized: I started an inventory of my seeds, since I have more than 100 varieties of seeds and I want to plant most of them, which of course has many benefits. I also have an schedule for seed sowing the one I posted time ago on my blog here, and now I have it on my fridge, I also added those sowing dates to my calendar.
The reason I am doing all these is because I want to have a diverse types of plants in my garden, I already planted 37 kinds of seeds, which are herbs, vegetables and flowers. I am pretty confident that not all will grow but oh well c'est la vie...besides this is my first year planting. If I planted only cucumbers and tomatoes I am sure it would be easier.

~seedlings from feb 21st~
~thses are made of recycled half bottles of water~

~some plastic and clay containers, the clay containers do not retain moist well, next year I won't use them for seedlings~

~broccoli now in yogurt and starbucks cup, next year I will use a marker to detail on each pot when I planted them and what it is, (that's a tip from a gardener friend, thanks J!)~

~spinach growing outdors, direct sowing, late January~

~lettuce and arugula far back, also direct sown late January~

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