This is how it looks, kind of green...Well, green is good for you, but wait ‘til you try it. You will love it and want to accompany  Steak with CHIMI-CHURRI every BBQ day.
 It is also found in the menu of many well knows restaurants in USA

I had to repost this,I  had to translate it into spanish, my apologies for reposting.

Today me and my hubby made “asado”, that’s the Argentinean word for BBQ. It was delicious. We used no fake BBQ sauces like A1 or others with artificial unpronounceable ingredients, instead I add flavor to the steak with CHIMI-CHURRI. CHIMI WHAT!????  Yea, yea with CHIMI-CHURRI, it is a sauce created in South America, specifically in Argentina.

Since I have memory my family uses this sauce (you can call it dressing too)to exalt the meat flavor of the BBQ . I loved those Saturday’s or Sunday’s Asados, me and my siblings put CHIMI-CHURRI sauce on almost everything, salads, smash potatoes, boiled tapioca….
It has all natural ingredients, and it can be made to eat fresh at the moment or store for some days later, you could freeze  it too but you know it’s not the same  ;)
This is not Mexican, this is Argentinean. There are some variations of this sauce, Rachel Ray made it also adding tomatoes, giving it a TEX-MEX style, but we Argentineans like to keep it simple and green, fresh and in that way promoting a healthy digestion of all that red meat.
 Una comida típica de Argentina es el ASADO, carne de novillo o ternera a la parrilla, poll, mollejas -nunca probé- chinchulines, etc, Todo eso acompañado de CHIMI-CHURRI, una salsa o aderezo a base de agua,aceite, perejil, ajo, pimenton, y si se quiere agregar cebollita verde se puede.

Como se hace:

un ramillito de perejil
2 dientes de ajo
1 o 2 cebollitas verdes (opcional)
un limón
2 0 3 cucharas de aceite vegetal o de oliva
sal a gusto
pimienta a gusto
aji picado a gusto
El primer paso es pica todos los ingredientes (los tres primeros de la lista), y luego exprimir el limón, agregar el aceite y agua mezclar. Servir encima de la carne asada.
I will write the recipe down here, all my guests that ate BBQ with Chimi-churri at my house asked me for it...
This is how:
3 to 4 Tbsp of chopped parsley
2 cloves of chopped garlic
1 or 2 chopped green onions
 one lemon
2 o 3Tbsp of Oil (corn oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or even vegetable oil)
¼ cup of water to thin the sauce (you might have to add a bit more)
Salt 1 tsp
Pepper at your taste
1 tsp of red chilli pepper powder or the one you’d like
So the first step is to chopped everything, squeeze the lemons, pour everything together and taste. It has a zesty spicy flavor. Add a little bit to the steak as you would do with the BBQ sauce.

pictures by Andrea


bepa_vt said...

yummmmm i want to come over for asado!! ithink ill try making the recipe for chimmi churri

An Kulinich said...

nice! :)

Lyuba said...

Andrea sos una especialista!!!!!!

Andrea said...

gracias chef! mira quien habla!

Lyuba said...

Nosotros siempre haciamos chimi-churi con asado

jaky said...

hay que rico!!! an delillus (de jaky)

Lynda said...

Andrea: I'm making your chipas tonight...I bought the tapioca flour yesterday!

I have given you a Stylish Blogger award...they say they help people to find and follow your blog...I don't really know, I'm new to this blogging.


Andrea said...

I am so happy to hear you are making chipás!!
Thank you for the award :D, I dont really know about it either I am even newer than you to blogging hehe, thank you so much

Justine/Sewcountrychick said...

I love this! I love Argentinean cuisine. Thanks for the recipe.

Andrea said...

You are welcome,I am flattered you like my home country cuisine :) I love this dressing for steak, I made it for my husband and his family once and now at our home we can't eat bbq without chimichurri :), i