Planting, Sowing Season Spring 2011

The weather is getting warmer, almost 70f until 5pm.
Starting my first vegetable garden in USA is a pleasant activity, it's been long time since the I had a garden back in my home country.
By this time nurseries, home depot and different stores are getting filled with different kinds of seeds, trees, shrubs, and little vegetables plants already growing in trays.  As I mentioned here, I opted for the organic seeds, which are selling for $1.80 to $4.00 a package but you can also get the conventional seed which are sold for as low as 20 cents to $1 in other places - I saw them at the Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart.
The planting season outdoors started at least for the zone I live in (9), and we are getting ready preparing the soil, building raised beds, sowing seeds already outdoors, and taking care of the plants that are growing inside. Lots of work but the weather is so beautiful, we are naturally magnetized to spend the entire day outside working in the yard.

~My first raised bed~

~cleaning up the ground, lots of roots from the neighbor's tree~

~ sunny spot in the yard for the other raised beds~
Husband building them

2nd and 3rd raised beds

cabbage, tomatoes,peppers, melons

~We added 22 bags of organix mix & chicken manure, hope this helps the clayish Californian soil~


Lana said...

chicken manure? Never heard of that. Is it better than cow's? Wow you are keeping yourself busy. Just don't overdo it girl :)

Andrea said...

yeah , apparently is very popular between gardeners, I had no idea, my mom (in law) introduced me to it :P, stinks! lol