Building Trellises for raspberries, grapes, gourds

Last Saturday me and my husband spent the whole day in the backyard, cleaning, sowing, planting...
He made this wonderful trellises for the raspberries, grapes and hopefully some gourds vines.
We light a fire as it was getting dark and the mosquitoes starting to attack.
El sábado pasado my marido y yo pasamos todo el día en nuestro jardím, trbajando en la huerta, limpiando,plantando, sembrando. El construyó estos hermosos trellises ( ni idea como se llaman en español) para las frambuesas, uvas y tal vez algunas calabazas ('porongos', con la que planeo hacer materas)
~trellis on the making, scattered tools~
~ raspberries, vines and some gourds will beclimbing it , God willing~:~frambuesas, uvas y calabazas van a treparlo~
~this is the orange victory trellis, can you find the V? That is my husband's work of art ;)~
~bonfire to scare the mosquitoes away, fogon para espantar los mosquitos~

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