Starting Seeds in Peat Moss using Jiffy starting kit

My husband bought me a jiffy starting tray, I sowed these kinds of vegetables:
black prince tomatoes
bell peppers California wonder
early Indiana cantaloupe
pok choi
spaghetti squash
acorn squash

carnival squash
 Most of them germinated in four or five days, I planted some in the ground already, our risk of frost  will end  aprox. byFeb 23rd, but I am taking a risk putting them outside right now, I am still keeping some seeds growing on pots as a backup

Plante estos vegetales en el kit para plantar semillas:
tomates (Black prince)
morrones maravilla de California
Cantaloupe, melon
pok choi, repollo chino
calabazas (porongos)
zapallos (spaghetti, carnaval y acorn)


Lynda said...

Looking Good! You are going to have a TON of fruits and veggies! You'll be the best loved lady in the neighborhood...that's how it is with gardeners!

Andrea said...

hahah Today I was thinking of you and your garden Lynda, I have a lovely neighbor next door who came to visit my garden and she said: 'I am looking forward to this garden during summer, we will have lots of vegetables!', I hope so, I am prayin that my garden will grow...

Country Jane said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I love your pictures too! It looks so warm, it's hard to believe you can start a garden in the middle of winter! :)

Jane in Alaska

Andrea said...

You are welcome, I started the seeds indoors but now they are all outside, some growing in the ground and others still under the patio roof( those are my back up in case a frost comes and kills the first ones) :)