Drought Tolerant Plants for Our Landscape

We have been working on our landscape during the beginning of this week although we started setting it up last year, removing all the overgrown bushes that were planted since the house was built according to our neighbors . We were amazed to be digging out root over 2 meters long and around 4 inches in diameter. We did not want to have a lot of big bushes again or plants that require a lot of care and water.  Since the our area in northern California is a Mediterranean climate with little or no rain during summer we opted for drought tolerant plants, which are beautiful are require little watering.
These are some of the plants we have...
~Sweet Broom (Shrub), It has a  very sweet aroma, I am in love with it~

~ King Sago Palm ~

~ Ornamental Grass, perennial ~

~ Pygmy Date Palm (Palm) ~

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