Landscape in the Making...Where do we Start

I would love to say that we did our landscape in two days, because that is how long it took to plant the palms, shrubs, flowers, and grasses, but the truth is that it took several months to remove humongous bushes that were wrapping the foundation and covering  the house. It was an arduous job... but my husband did it ;)

Selecting the Stars of The Garden...
Researching online for different landscape design sure helped to know which plants to choose. One of the most significant point in landscaping  is to select plants that grow natural in your region, for us the most important characteristic was to have drought tolerant plants, that would love the heat of Cali. I had my doubts about a drought tolerant landscape I pictured myself singular kinds of cactus and those dry looking dessert plants, I was not too enthusiastic to have a desert looking front yard. To my surprise there are beautiful looking shrubs that bloom throughout the year, palms and beautiful grasses that are tolerate the deficiency of water. I am thrilled with the tropical feeling  these plants put on the air of our front yard. So do not think twice about water efficient plants if you are landscaping in California they are the way to go, smart and appealing!

~OH my! ya, I made a good use of my laundry basket, gathering the branches was a good work out too ~

~ all the bushes are gone, except one, four people and a chain saw couldn't remove it from it's place ~

~ double digging the clay Californian soil ~

~ setting up the pots to decide where to plant ~

Disclaimer! my hair is not that orange  :)

~ Black covering to avoid weed growth and bark ~
Several bags of 'good dirt' had to be added with slow release fertilizer...next time  I will post the finished landscape design..


Lynda said...

I love Scotch broom! I have planted it in my yard, too.

Country Jane said...

That is insane growth, and you did a great job on re-painting your house too. It looks brand new and so clean now. Very beautiful!

MateaTPol said...

Oh I know when you have hause everything must be nice. My parents have hause so I know that part about garden . I like your yard it turn so nice :)
Greetings , Matea

Jaky and Doni said...

que hermosa estas!!! beutifull

Andrea said...

Thanks Everyone!

@Jane, ya that was insane growth, it took so long to remove all those bushes, one was so attched to the ground we could not move it!! :)

@MateaPol, Thanks we are happy God made it possible for us to buy a little nest! :)

@Lynda, I love that broom, my favourite plants after my roses ;)

Lily K. said...

looks prettty! are front yard is has pretty nice looking landscaping so we'll have to maybe get rid of one bush lol

Andrea said...

Thanks Lily ! Lucky you! It took a lot of time, effort and $ to do the front yard :)