Gardening on Saturdays, growing Edaname

My saturdays are spent as usual in my garden or eventual garage sale shopping with my mother in law. My husband mows the lawn and I am in charge of  sowing, ripping some weeds out or harvesting . I have been sprouting seeds and sowing for already two months, I think i am done with sowing for this season until the end of August.
The latest addition to our garden is Edaname or soy beans, which I sprouted indoors, it turned out to be the easiest seed to germinate. Here is a look at Edaname...
You can see other gardeners work during saturdays here, and also share a  sowing saturday post.
sprouting edaname
~Today I added another sowing of edaname ~
edaname plants
~Edaname plants from a month ago~
gourds seeds
~Gourd seeds to make Maté cups ~

~Finally my gourds are germinating, they required high temperatures in order to do so, I got these seeds from a seed swap~


~some gypsophilia from a 20cents packet, so far they are doing good~

~I sowed poppies a week ago and they germinated very fast, you can see them above, they are legal to grow in my area~


Romi said...

Hey Andrea,

How did you sprout those soybeans? I am trying to but have failed. I want to add them to my garden for summer. Let me know please. Thank you! :)

Megan said...

Those gourd seeds sure look funny! Looks like you've got things going pretty well! I'm going to plant some edamame this year for the first time. How many plants do you normally have? What do you typically do for the spacing?

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Nice to see young shoots popping out from the ground...

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Looks like they are all doing great! Does pre-germinating the seeds give them a big boost when you plant the edemame in the garden?

Andrea said...

Thanks! I replied to your questions at your place, if not here :)
@ Megan , they sure look funny, hecka weird
@Dave, it sure does, I put them in the ground and after 5 days I had the little leaves sprouting

Andrea said...

This is my first year planting edaname but so far soaking the seeds and keeping them in a moist paper for two or three days gave a good start to those plants, they are so far the easiest seeds to start according to my experience. I am planting in the borders of my yard I have used all my raised beds rooms

Romi said...

Thanks Andrea on the pointers for the Edamame. I am soaking them as I speak. I too have used up most of my raised bed garden space so yesterday I went and bought some storage containers (45 gallon) and some big yellow buckets with the ropes on the side and will be planting other things in there. I ended up replacing my plan for the planter on the concrete with these containers as I think it will be easier for me to bring in stuff to the shaded area in my backyard during winter. I have tons of peppers that need transplanting so I called a local compost delivery (hastiessandandgravel.com) and will be picking up 1.5 cubic yards of compost for the containers and an area in the front yard.Looking forward to summer crops! :)