I know what the hardship of hail can do to a vegetable garden, as soon as hail started falling, I started praying for it to stop. We had a lot of hail but  luckily no damage, I feel sorry for the people that did not have much luck yesterday with the hail.
Here are some snapshots mixed from the garden after hailing..

hail on the tomatoes


hail on the ground



no damage



no damages to the bed of greens


no damages to the tomatoes


Megan said...

Hail makes for interesting pictures! Fortunately, you sustained no damage! Your garden looks like it is progressing really nicely though! :)

Andrea said...

Thanks! I checked twice for damage just some leaves with tiny rips. Thank God the rest is fine!:)

K said...

wow, that is a lot of hail - seems many people are being hit lately. i'm glad your tomatoes and other plants made it through safely!

Lily K. said...

You're plants look like they handled it well. such a pretty garden!