Harvest on Mondays...cleansing smoothie

Back in January, I included in my new year's resolution to drink three times a week green juice, which is made of Kale, spinach, broccoli and celery, but I could not do it.
I used this spealty tea or super food as one of my sources of antioxidants... and I traded the green juice for  this delicious spinach smoothie the same day I was planning to drink the first green juice.
Harvesting some spinach and needing to 'detox' from all the weekend food, the perfect solution  for me was making a cleansing smoothie. I try to have it at least twice a week
I used the fruits I had that were banana, strawberries, add some low fat yogurt and spinach leaves, oh and some ice.  It is Delicious and you won't even taste the spinach but you are getting  the green you need .:)
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My husband lovest his smoothie, he didi not believed me I used spinach

Mint and Spinach are from my garden :)
I recomend you to try it!, charged with antioxidants!


RandomGardener said...

Beautiful pics of the fresh veggies! Not sure if I'd try the cleansing recipe:) Love spinach as it is!

Andrea said...

I would say I love spinach so much that I even put it in my smoothie ;), Some people would not eat spinach (and they have to eat it) so this is a great way to do it, without noticing :) THanks for the comment

villager said...

We love green smoothies here! One of my favorite blends has turnip greens and arugula, with banana and whatever fruits we have on hand.

Andrea said...

I will have to try that, I am growing arugula, white lady turnip seeds, I have to sow at the end of summer, thanks for the comment!

Daphne said...

I love smoothies especially in the summer, but have never tried one with greens in it.

Beautiful radishes.

Nartaya said...

What perfect little radishes!