Organic Tomato Spray

This is one of the easiest and less destructive sprays for your garden. It is organic,  you can DIY and it's homemade and it won't harm the ladybugs and other favorable insects from your plot.
With the tomatoes trimmings I got from here I made this tomato spray, you will need:
·         tomato trimmings
·         water
How to...
Soak the tomato trimmings (it works better if you chop them) in water overnight, strained the leaves and use the remaining liquid to spray your plants, pay special attention to the underside of the leaves.
I used this spray in roses and zucchini so far, and the aphids disappear  for a week and then of course come back, and I need to spray them again.
Sometime I add two or three minced garlic cloves to the mixture.
Used the same amount of water than of tomatoes trimmings. For example for two cups of tomatoes leaves use two cups of water.
Good Luck!
p.s: do not leave the trimmings soaking for more than one day or they will rot and smell terrible..advice from experience


Mark Willis said...

I have heard about doing this with garlic, but never with tomatoes. What about Tagetes (French Marigold)? They are supposed to repel aphids too.

Lily K. said...

Wow I would have never thought of using tomato trimmings..
How did you find that out? Or you just made it up?

Andrea said...

@ Mark Willis, I never tried french marigolds, but I am growing crackejack marigold on the sides of my raised beds, I heard they benefit tomatoes and other vegetables repelling some bugs

Andrea said...

@Lily K, my mom used to do it in Argentina :) I never asked her where she got it from, there is another recipe with soap and garlic, but you have to be careful because it can burn the plants.
Thanks for the comment :)

Andrea said...

@ Mark Willins, I am growing marigold on the sides of the raised beds, I hope they repel aphids!
@ Lily K.,My mom used this in Argentina.