Tomato matter...how to trim tomato plants

I am proudly growing my own tomatoes (;), although I am praying so they don't get any incurable pests...
My mother in law gave me some lessons in trimming tomatoes to improve tomato production, so here are some photos of the parts of the tomato plant that are useless and how I trim them...the so-called suckers...
And with this little branches I made a homemade organic spray to treat aphids, read about it in the next post.
~The little leaf growing between the main branch and the stem will turn into an useless branch if it is not trim~

~Tomato plant sucker soon to be removed: gently pull it off with your fingers~

~Check your tomato plants every 10 to 15 days and pull  the suckers~

~ With these remaining leaves I will make an organic spray against aphids~


Mark Willis said...

Coincidentally, my Blogpost for today is on the same subject. Great minds think alike, they say!

J Peazy said...

Did you know that with a little rooting hormone, soil, and water, you can clone the tomato plant from those suckers?

Check it out


Andrea said...

@ Mark Willis, nice! I will check your post! Thanks!

@ J Peazy, wow I had no idea thanks for the data, I will check it out, very interesting :)
Thanks for the comments , have a lovely day!

Andrea said...

Mark Willis, I agree, great minds lol ;)
J Peazy, I did not know , i will check it out ;)