Wanna Energy Drink? no thanks sweetie, I drink Tereré ;)...

energy drink natural for summer
No seriously, what about ice coffee?

It is getting hotter every day, the grass and weeds are growing pretty fast and after plucking them for a couple of hours the thing I like the most to drink and  that gets my energy back  it's to drink some terere. what the terere? Yep. It is a Guaraní word, which is the language of a native tribe in South America, located mostly in Paraguay and Northeast of Argentina. Tereré is an ice-cold drink. Refreshing and charged with antioxidants, good for brain, relaxing for you muscles... Basically is made with yerba mate and cold water, ice, but I like to add citrus juice (lemons, limes and oranges), sometimes I add mint leaves from my garden, and listo! ready to enjoy!

~Los días se están poniendo casa día mas calurosos, y trabajar en el jardín bajo el sol se me está haciendo cada dia mas pesado. Después de podar el césped y sacar las malezas lo que más anhelo es tomar tereré. Muchos de vosotros sabrán lo que es Terere, pero igual hay que aclarar que es una bebida natural de yerba mate, que se toma preferente helada o muy fría. Básicamente se compone de yerba mate, agua helada, hielo y a mi me encanta agregar sumo natural de cítricos ( como naranjas, limas y limones), a veces incluyo algunas hojitas de menta directamente de mi jardín, después de enjuagarlas, y ya está! Fresca como una lechuga otra vez :)~


amanda said...

Mmmmmm....looks delicious. Just the thing for a sunny afternoon. Pity its dull and showery here.

Mark Willis said...

Sorry, but No comprendo! What is yerba mate? And is it available outside Paraguay / Argentina?

Andrea said...

HI Amanda! Thanks! Sun will come soon to where you are too!
HI Mark. Yerba mate is a kind of tea, it is drank as an infusion. I buy it at my local delicatessen store. Whole foods carries it in California (but not the kind I like),I heard even Costco Sells it in Canada.
You can drink it cold or hot (80c), bitter or with sugar. I am sure some Latino store sells it close to you or Hispanic, it is sold online too.

Jess said...

i love your bombilla! those are my fav ones, my mom took mine :(

Andrea said...

aww so how you drink terere?! I need to get new bombillas, I busted one, cus I use it as a spoon