My harvest this Monday...


I took a couple of minutes off from work (drafting plans) to post my recent harvest of GARLIC!
I like garlic almost in everything. I make this dressing for steak or salad. I read somewhere it is a natural antibiotic and it helps if you have a cold, and of course it gives you a stinky breath.
I also learnt from my experience with this crop that sowing a bigger clove will produce a bigger garlic head. I harvested the biggest  garlic heads from an area where little paddles will form after the rain, so I guess Garlic needs a good amount of water too.
And even though someone said Garlic should be ready by July, these ones where at the ripe point  in June (when the bottom leaves are dry they are suppose to be ready for harvest)... I still have some more garlic heads growing in my garden.
I sowed these ones last November. Next November I am sowing double the amount I did last year.
The harvested ones will be hanging in partial shade for one month or so, I cut one to see inside and the cloves where green so they need to dry for awhile still.

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p.s thanks  to Daphne's Dandelions for sharing Harvests on Mondays


Lynda said...

Andrea your photos are great! The garlic looks yummy...mine isn't ready...maybe July. My shallots are ready and I'll get to them later this week. Isn't this HOT weather something after the loooooong cold! So Quick...no Spring!

Mark Willis said...

Your garlic looks pretty good! I don't grow garlic in my garden because I use so much of the stuff I would need to devote most of my garden to growing it if I wanted to have enough to last me all year. We use a LOT of garlic in cooking.
In some parts of the world, young green garlic is considered a delicacy, and is served as a vegetable in its own right, rather than just a flavouring for something else.

ANdrea said...

@Lynda, I agree it's so hot now, I had to cover my cucumbers and tomatoes, they were devastated by the sun and heat.
@Mark Willis, Good to know green garden is a delicacy, that's very interesting. I used about 2/3 heads of garlic a month, it's just for me and my husband so I guess I could try to grow for a year supply.
Thanks for the comments


Jaky and Doni said...

guaaaaaauuuuuu!! cuntossssssssssssss ajosssssssssssssss

Andrea said...

@ Jaky and Doni, gracias :) un beso grande las quiero mucho

rmgales said...

Your garlic looks great. I'll be planting garlic in the fall for next summer harvest. Looking forward to reading your blog and learning a few gardening tips.