Growing Tomatoes in Pots

I had no more room in my raised beds to plant these two tomato plants, they appeared in a little pot, and I did not remember to sow tomato seeds there. Anyways I decided to let them grow in these two pots. And here it is a prove that you do not need a 1/4 acre to have tomatoes through summer, just a balcony and two pots.
They are producing an abundant number of fruits, anyways I spotted a couple of tomatoes with a black bottom. This is happens commonly between tomato plants growing in pots, where the soil dries off fast or for lack of calcium. I solved  it adding some organic matter (grass clippings) and dried smashed egg shells(btw, they are a good source of calcium for roses too). The tomatoes are looking awesome now!




Mark Willis said...

They look great, and those wire support frames look very efficient too. I must try to get some of them. I haven't seen them on sale here, but I expect Google will come to my rescue again!

Andrea said...

THanks! we bought them at ACE, soe gardening store close to our home ;)