The garden's changes through summer

I live in Northern California, the sun is extremely strong in the after noon. Part of my garden in located facing west, which means they are under the hottest sun of the day...my plants are suffering under the heat of the sun. I realize they were not going to survive if I did not cover them, so here it's a picture of the solution, they got their own little patio with a half shade coverage.


This is my garden in Summer. All the lettuce and greens bolted, which means that soon will come the time to collect their seed. Pumpkins, squashes, gourds, melons watermelons and  also some hyacinth bean plants are growing a foot a day or at least that is how it looks to me.
My biggest tomato plants are already taller than me, here is a before and after pic. I have 24 plants in total.


After, the carrots are hidden in the middle, I always grab one and eat it while I watering the garden at night ;)

First red tomatoe!


These are BLACK PRINCE TOMATOES, and i am very excitedto try them, I never heard of them until earlier this year a gardener sent me these seeds.

I thought this plant was zucchini, the seed was labeled as zucchini, but now I have my doubts.

Gourds, I am attempting to grow them to make cups to drink mate (mateh)

Gourds and volunteer grapes

Onion flowers, ornamental and I am planning to save seeds

Sunflowers, growing just for fun


J Peazy said...


I sent you the Black Prince tomato seeds. The plant in the picture looks odd to me. You may have gotten an unintentional cross.

Would you mind taking a picture of the leaves and fruit? I'm curious.


Mark Willis said...

You have a fine selection of plants there - and I admire you for your ingenuity in proving the shade!

Rina said...

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for vsiting my blog, wonderful to see a young lady interested in growing your own veggies. You are doing great, even I could learn a thing or two from you. Have a nice week. Rina

Shaheen said...

Your garden is looking amazing. I am so envious of your tomatoes being grown outdoor, here in Scotland that is just not possible.

Andrea said...

@ JP, we mgith have a crossed variety ;)
@Mark Wilis, thanks! the shade was my husband's idea, so I guess he is the clever one :)
@Rina, THank you! I love to grow my own, and not need to say they taste awesome to us, like no other vegguie in the world :)
@Shaheen. where do you grow tomatoes? is it cold that you can't grow them outside?
Thanks for your comments, it is nice to read them :)

Jess said...

Let me know how the gourds turn out, exciting!!

Jess said...

Let me know how the gourds turn out, exciting!!

Andrea said...

I will keep you posted, they are growing for now, I water them everyday!