Tomatoes from the home garden





Black Prince tomatoe with a stretch mark


It's middle of summer and tomatoes keep showing up in the vines. I am very glad with the produce of my first year's garden. Tomatoes are the perfect fresh treat for summer, instead of a piece of cake or chocolate, we just love to pick a fresh tomato and eat it fresh just like that.
The black prince tomatoes have an special flavor , I would say it reminds me of tomato juice. Roma and VFNT champion taste amazingly good. :)
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Estamos a la mitad del verano y los tomates siguen apareciendo en las plantas. Estoy muy contenta con la producción de este primer año de mi huerta. Los tomates son la 'golosina' perfecta para el verano, en lugar de algún chocolate o galletita nos gusta comer un tomate fresco de la huerta .
El tomate mas oscuro en las fotos se llama Príncipe Negro, y tiene un sabor parecido al jugo de tomate, o salsa de tomate.
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Liz said...

They look so delicious!
How nice that you can produce vegetables in your own garden.

J Peazy said...

Glad to see that you did get some true black prince tomatoes from me. They are notorious for cracking like that - very thin skinned.

Mark Willis said...

I like that fact that home-grown tomatoes are all different - in shape and size. Ones you buy in the shops are too "Regular".

Andrea said...

Liz Thanks! I am very thrilled with the produce.
Jp , YEs i have two black prince tomato plants growing in pots, they are isolated from the rest so i might be able to get true seeds again for next season.
Mark Willis, that is true the homegrown are unique, not by standards and the best in flavor!

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J Peazy said...


This link may be of interest to you if you wish to save uncrosssed seeds from the Black Prince.


If you are still getting blossoms you may want to "bag" some early.

Simply segregating them may not be enough. Beneficial insects such as bees have been known to cross polinate for miles.


rmgales said...

I am so jealous of your tomatoes, they look yummy! I have lots of fruit, but I've only had 2 beefsteak ripen so far and a few Sweet 100. They were delicious. I see Early Girls in my future, lol. I'm craving homemade salsa.