Secret to an Organic Garden, Companion Plants

  To start a garden is easy-I thought-, to start a garden using organic sustainable methods and get good results from it turned out to be a little more sophisticated to accomplish. You’ve got to understand veggies relationships, and provide good soil, water and sufficient sunlight for the plants to thrive, and find organic methods to fight plants pests and disease. In an organic home garden position of the plants is a very important matter.

Where to put your vegguies
Some vegetables plants get benefits from others while being grown in proximity, for example: you can have a smart use of soil, which can be shared between Spinach or lettuce  and squash or pumpkins. While spinach is already mature the squash or pumpkins plants are developing and by the time this one reaches the maturity stage, the spinach will be harvested and let the room for the squash plant to continue growing.
I stumbled upon a number of fine websites with simple tables that tell you which vegetables like to hang out together, and the ones that prefer not to hang out together to death. This is one of them and this one.

Which one is your Vegguie look alike...
I never thought about comparing vegetables with people, until I planted cherry tomato plants… While they were already producing cherry tomatoes, I did the wrong thing: throw close to them some corn seeds. What happen after the corn started to grow? All the little tomatoes in the plants rotten and the tomato plants began to turn yellow and dry. The corn did fine but I lost a whole cherry tomato crop when I was 17 back in Argentina. That was a lesson that I remember well, finally it’s true all things happen for good. So I realize that tomatoes don’t like corn, corn don’t care.
"Vegetables are just like people, unfortunately it is like that, people like to hang out only with certain people, and the same happen with vegetables."

~pepper seedlings~

~blueberries growing in containers~

These are some ‘veggie gossip’ I am willing to share with you:
  •  Carrots love tomatoes, there is a book named like that.
  • Carrots don’t like dill or cabbage, but dill and cabbage love and help each other.
  • Tomatoes hate corn.
  • Corn loves pumpkins and squash.
  • Mint and parsley are enemies, can you believe?
  • Roses love to be surrounded by garlic and parsley. Parsley enhances their fragrance, Garlic repels bugs and if I eat lots of garlic I will sure repel people too.

~ lettuce ~

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