Little Saturday Sun ~ Sowing Saturday

Lately I feel like I spend every day cooking and baking in the kitchen and indeed I do, so when I spotted the sun shining through my kitchen window, after the big pouring in the afternoon, I left all my pots and pans behind, animatedly took some seeds and went to my garden to make this a Sowing Saturday...
I harvested some beautiful flowers (only three) :) but they are from my garden, I can't believe I have flowers !

~Cuke eaten by someone~
Zucchinis, in the photos below, are doing marvelous inside their individual  recycled greenhouse

~Some bugs feasted on my Spinach as well as with the cucumbers~

~Edaname Seeds~

~The corn is sowed beside the spinach and lettuce, according to companion planting it is beneficial for the green to grow in the shade created by the corn~
I sowed some Golden Bentham Sweet Corn, Edaname seeds,some garlic, different kinds of beans ( I germinated them indoors in a napkin) and different kinds of Sunflowers, Lemon Queen, Autumn Beauty and Mammoth Russian, I did not planted them together although I mixed the seeds accidentaly in the pot when I stumbles while walking through my yard, oh well it happens.
I also discover that some bug was feasting on my cucumber seedlings and spinach. Next week I will prepare some homemade organic pesticide to fight back. My zucchinis are doing marvelous.
If you want to check other gardeners sowing on saturday visit here Sowing Saturday.


Jaky and Doni said...

que lindas flores an !!!

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Sorry to see you have a nibbler on your spinach! What kind of pesticide mix are you planning? The mini greenhouses are a great idea!

Megan said...

The garden is looking pretty! Too bad about all the bug damage. They really do ruin everything, huh?

Andrea said...

Ya , I feel sorry for those plants I still have 30 spinach plants in another raised bed that were not affected , Luckily!! and four cucumbers plants in mini green houses protected, I think those are slugs, after the rain I always collect them from my garden, but it rained for three weeks and I didnt do anyhting abou it.
I am planning to make an spicy tea, and porbably just get some snails and slug baits?
what do you use for snails?
Thanks DAvid and Megan for the comments!

Tracey said...


Thanks for popping by my blog to tell me what you do to get rid of nasty pests in your veggie garden. It's lovely to see a new face!

Sadly I have had NO success with the garlic, chillie oil mixture. Tomorrow we are off to buy a safe to eat pest oil from local hardware store. Let's hope that works. So sad we can't go all organic :(

Loving looking at your garden planning.

:) Cheers,