A look at my garden in Spring

 I have growing several varieties of vegetables,here are some fresh shots from my garden in spring...
You can find more tips about organic gardening here, and resources  to start your own garden here and here

Other things that are growing in my garden are: squashes (more than seven different kinds), tomatoes ( black prince, roma, and champion), peppers (california wonder), hot chili peppers, habanero, bananam and anaheim peppers, zucchini, long purple eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, pok coi, watermelons (two kinds), early indiana cantaloupe, lettuce (more than five kinds), some more vegetables. And some herbs like flat italian parsley, cilantro, dill, sweet basil, genovese basil, mint, lavander, and some more.

pok choi
~bok choi, I think is spanish is called hakusai or chinese cabagge~
first rose from my garden
~the first rose of 2011, I will follow this one up until it fully blooms~

~Raspberries with some blooms~

~Radishes soon to be harvested~

flowers already sprouting I think spapdragon
~ Snapdragon flowers~

sunflower mammoth
~mamoth sunflower~
how big they are onions cebollas

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Jaky and Doni said...

guaaaau que ricA VERDURA ES LO MAS RICO QUE HAY !! que rica cebolla de verdeo para acer salsa y omelets !!