Lord of the beans...

I took my daily walk through my garden, smell the roses,  take a look at the vegetables and I discover that a little bean plant is climbing the trellis, has flowers and petite pods. I am not sure what kind of bean is it, I started way too many and let them free in my backyard aligned with the fences. Luckily beans love sun and heat. (black beans, fava beans, castor oil bean- this is not castor oil beans though-. and  christmas lima).

I am also growing beans together with corn and pumpkins or squashes, I read they are called the three sisters, they get along well together and benefit each other. Beans supply nitrogen to the soil and they climb the corn. How lovely is that ?

~Bean vine, can you identify this kind of bean?~


Justine/Sewcountrychick said...

You have lovely photos. Do you plant those three in the same spot at different times of the year or all at the same time in one area?

Andrea said...

Hello! I started them inside in a glass jar and then plant them outdoors.
but did you mean the three sisters? I know you are suppose to plant the corn first, then bean and later on punpkins, but with the corn I did not have much luck, this week i will replant.
Good Luck!